Thursday, May 31, 2012

fairytale carnival las vegas, nv

I never remember what they call it, but I always refer to it as the arboretum in the Bellagio. Every time I go to Vegas I have to go here because they are constantly changing the inside and it's always so magnificent. You could smell all the flowers from the hotel lobby. There was something very Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorites!) about it and it truly felt magical in there. So beautiful.

Friday, May 11, 2012

bryce canyon, utah

This was the best road trip I have ever been on. I really learned who my dad was and realized what a fantastic person he is. We spent two weeks on the road going mostly through the Southwest and Colorado. If you ever go to Bryce Canyon, make sure that you drive down to the preserve at night. Turn off the lights in the car, get on the hood and just look up at the sky. I have never seen such a dazzling sky anywhere else in the world. Although the landscape is clearly beautiful by day, I will never forget that one nighttime ride down the canyon to look that the stars.

not all those who wander are lost...

Maybe you recognize me, maybe you don't. Welcome, The Oxford Blonde is my counter part of the golden rose. I am a world traveler and find that I have a hard time being tied down to one place. I have lived in 5 states in the last 5 years and have loved every minute of the crazy suitcase living, fedex shipping, road tripping kind of life. As much as I love to travel, I have found that I love to document my travels through photography. Here is my space for all my wonderful experiences.